Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 2011 : Yoga Face

Hello Friends,

October is here.

Last month, we focused on the space between each yoga pose. Our minds often carry on stories as we practice yoga. What am I going to eat for dinner? When will this pose be over? Wonder if the teacher is going to play my favorite jam for savasana? We try to squeeze in personal commentary while we practice and often lose balance or find ourselves lost in the asana sequence.

Take some time to bring awareness and attention to the moment in between the pose. Slow down. Focus on the breath and create a seamless flow from the moment you roll out your mat until your last exhale. Easier said then done. But, let's try! :)

This month we explore yoga poses for the face.

Annelise Hagen shown above released The Yoga Face in 2007 to share ways to relax tension in the face.

During yoga class, you may be instructed to relax your jaw, relax the muscles behind your eyes or stick your tongue out with a large lion roar.

Why? We hold a lot of tension in our face.

There are 57 facial muscles and they too need some TLC. We spend lots of time toning and strengthening the body, but often forget about the muscles above the neck.

This month we will explore yoga for the face.