Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We think we live in the world.  We think we live in a set of circumstances, but we don't.
We live in a conversation about the world and our conversation about the circumstances.

When we're in a conversation about fear and terror, about revenge and anger and retribution, jealousy and envy and comparison, then that is the world we inhabit.

If we're in a conversation about possibility, a conversation about gratitude and appreciation for the things in front of us, then that's the world we inhabit.  

I used to think that the words we say simply represent our inner thought expressed.  Experience has taught me that it is also true that the words we say create our thoughts and our experience, and even our world. 

The conversation we have with ourselves and with others -- the thoughts that grip our attention ---- has enormous power over how we feel, what we experience, and how we see the world in that moment.

what captures your attention controls your life

by: kare anderson
harvard business review

Monday, June 25, 2012

a new studio for BYC


a new community studio in brooklyn.  watch * join * support

Friday, June 22, 2012

anatomic pose viewer

View the yoga asana from the inside out in this Anatomic Pose Viewer courtesy of Bandha Yoga

Friday, June 15, 2012

headspace animation : mind

Andy Puddicombe's venture Get Some Headspace in the UK shares  method/ technique/science on meditation.  Here is a fun animated video on the mind. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

apanasana (knees to chest) - simple healing pose

Leslie Kaminoff shares how and why the very simple pose of Apanasana is advised to folks with a variety of health ailments at Krishnmacharya's yoga therapy center in India.

"Yoga therapy is 99% waste removal" -Desikachar

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

good bits

How much is Enough ?  by : Elizabeth Lesser

The Story of Stuff Project

What grows between your muscles while you sleep?  Gil Hedley shows you fuzz on a human cadaver

Looking into Corpse pose (Savasana) with Michael Stone

Meryl Streep shares her wisdom to the class of 2010 at Barnard 

Ms. Porchon Lynch is a 92 year old yoga master

Love Astrology ? Check, the Cosmic Path

David Nichtern guides you in simple steps in Taking your Seat in Meditation

Bandha yoga shows you yoga asanas from the inside out in  the anatomic pose viewer

Sarah Miller shares a funny yoga teacher view in Annoying? Yoga? Surely not

Why is Downward Dog so good for you? AND Are you doing Down Dog correctly?

Synchronicity by Sura

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 2012 : Downward Dog + Greece Retreat Photos

Hello Friends,

Summer, summer, summertime!  Time to sit back and unwind.

Enjoy Will Smith's summertime video here.  :)

May retreats were rejuvenating to say the least.  Unplugging and getting
into some serious nature time will calm you to the core.  Some photos
from Greece below.

Hope to offer more retreat opportunities soon. Stay tuned!

This June, we focus on downward facing dog or adho mukha svanasana.

June Focus : Downward Dog

Why is downward dog so good for you? 

*  simultaneously creates strength and flexibility, extension and stability

*  activates the bladder channel, which runs along 67 acupuncture points

*  effects the 'back shu' points, which is the most direct way in effecting the body's organs

Crete, Greece 2012 Photos